Hilltop Angus Ranch, 1831 Everson Rd,  Denton, MT 59430
Gary & Carmen Poser: 406-567-2627, 406-366-4049
Cory Poser: 406-567-2439, 406-366-3461 htangus@itstriangle.com

Schiefelbein Allied 514

Registration: AAA 17938417
Allied has been a long time featured sire at Genex and one of our featured herdsires. He is a calving ease bull that leaves moderate, easy fleshing and perfect uddered daughters. Allied progeny fit our environment very well and are very complete with added carcass merit.


GDAR Lockdown 917

Registration: AAA 19464138
Lockdown was our pick of the 2020 GDAR sale and is now featured at Breader Link. Lockdown sires moderate birth and moderate framed cattle that are good footed and sound from the ground up, with added muscle and real world fleshing ability. Lockdown sires the kind of cattle to keep you in the cattle business. Foot improver.


SAV Constitution 8054

Registration: AAA 19249584
Constitution has been a standout calving ease sire for us.  Constitution has as much thickness, and true muscle as any bull around. His calves are the same. Constitution calves are early maturing and dominate at weaning then have the unique ability to moderate out into moderate framed easy fleshing cattle.


Hilltop Edge 3747

Registration: AAA 18882375
Edge was a past sale topper for us and is backed by one of the best cows to ever walk our pastures. Edge offers extra growth, power, and carcass merit. Our first Edge daughters are awesome young cows with great udders and are raising some of our best calves


KG Justified 3023

Registration:  AAA  19337074
Justified is a calving ease bull with good feet and a superior maternal heritage. Justified covers the basics of sound structure, good feet, calving ease, and maternal.


Hilltop Capstone 5374

Registration: AAA 18283184
Capstone is smooth, balanced, deep ribbed and easy fleshing with great feet. His dam is one of the really good young cows in the Angus breed. Her bull calves are averaging over 10,200.00 at public auction and she has already produced over 100,000.00 in progeny sales.  Capstone has had our top selling sire group 2020-2022 years. These are super sound and complete cattle and the daughters are outstanding.