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Herd Sires

Sitz Response 405C

Registration No: AAA 18219638
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Owned By: Sitz Angus Ranch, KG Ranch, ST Genetics and Cory and Tammie Poser
Purchased at the 2016 Spring Sitz sale.
Look for great things to come from this bull.

Hilltop Wide Open 4215

Registration No: AAA 17901712
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Wide Open was the 70,000 top selling bull in our 2015 sale to Spruce Hill Ranch and JRJ Elite. Wide Open has a line-bred predictable pedigree for high performance and maternal genetics. Wide open offers high volume, base width, natural thickness, and high gain ability proving that his big, big record is no fluke.

Prairie Pride Premium 407

Registration No: AAA 18083395
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Premium was the top selling bull in the 2015 Prairie Pride bull sale and now is leased to Accelerated Genetics. Premium is calving ease bull that is long, clean, and thick

Schiefelbein Allied 514

Registration No: AAA 17938417
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Selected with Genex Beef and Partners as the top selling bull in the 2015 Schiefelbein Farms bull sale. Allied is a powerful, big bodied, thick made performance bull with double didget calving ease. Allied is good footed and very correct.

Hilltop Open Range 2279

Registration No: AAA 17427037
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Open Range was the 2nd top selling bull in a past sale to Accelerated Genetics and Hart Farms. Open Range posted outstanding individual performance with an actual Birth weight of 72#, a nursing ratio of 112, Yearling ratio of 114 and urea ratio of 114.

Open Range is a smooth made and very complete bull with a unique calving ease pedigree that combines the performance of Identity and the Maternal traits of Alliance. Dam has 4@97 bw and 4@109ww.

Hilltop True Grit 9202

Registration No: AAA 16531312
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Hilltop True Grit is maybe the easiest fleshing calving ease bull in the breed. Unmatched calf vigor at birth. Low birth and high growth and moderate mature height make True Grit one of the most unique bulls in the breed. Great footed offspring.

His daughters in production have weaned their first calves with an average nursing ration of 102. They are great young cows with perfect udders. Co-Owned with Harrison Land and Livestock, Belt, MT and seman available through Universal Seman sales.

Connealy Black Granite

Registration No: AAA 17028963
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*A solid foundation you can build on* Connealy Black Granite 133 is the hottest bull in the breed right now. He is phenotypically a standout and stamps his calves with big tops and extra thickness. His EPD numbers are nearly too good to believe, but he backs them up with his ability to transmit extra muscle and power with calving ease and carcass.

The top 3 Selling Bulls in the 2014 Hilltop Bull sale were sons of Granite, selling for $17,500 to Webo Angus , $17,500 to Talon Ranch and $11,000 to Swenson Cattle Co. Co-Owned with Harrison Land and Livestock, Belt, MT. Seman available through Univeral Semen Sales, Great Falls, MT.

Sitz Rainmaker 11127

Registration No: AAA 15734469
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Featured sire at Accelerated Genetics; Sitz Rainmaker 11127 continues to set the bar for overall excellence. He will improve performance, fleshing ability, length, scrotal, fertility and disposition better than any bull around. His females are the best cows you can hope for.

In the 2014 Hilltop Bull Sale, Rainmaker's daughters produced 8 bulls that sold for an amazing average of $9,978

Hilltop Capstone 5374

Registration No: AAA 18283184
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The top selling bull in the 2016 Hilltop Angus Ranch Sale.Capstone will see heavy use with his no holes phenotype and epd package. Capstone is smooth, balanced, deep ribbed and easy fleshing with great feet. His dam is one of the really good young cows in the Angus breed. Her bull calves are averaging over 10,200.00 at public auction and she has already produced over 100,000.00 in progeny sales.

Sitz Alpine 11076

Registration No: AAA 18385837
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Alpine was selected with Genex as the 50,000 top selling bull of the 2018 Sitz fall sale. Alpine is a calving ease bull with added carcass and impressive phenotype. Alpine daughters should be outstanding.

SAV Constitution

  • Has all the properties of a supreme cow maker who will move a herd in the right direction and leave the kind of daughters the industry craves.
  • He presents herd bull character with added thickness and muscle shape, depth of body, docility and perfect structure.
  • His dam is from the historic flush that produced Resource. She is a headliner in the SAV embryo program and the dam of the $100,000 SAV Enterprise 7028 @ Genex.
  • Near perfect foot EPDs top 3% of the breed

Hilltop Edge

Edge was a top selling bull in our 2018 sale and his first calves have been standouts. Edge is a bigger framed, good fronted bull with added performance and power. His first calf crop had amazing ratios of 100 at birth, 104 weaning, 104 yearling and 101 scrotal. Edge will be among our heaviest used sires going forward. Edge’s dam is a featured donor cow for us.