Hilltop Angus Ranch, 1831 Everson Rd,  Denton, MT 59430
Gary & Carmen Poser: 406-567-2627, 406-366-4049
Cory Poser: 406-567-2439, 406-366-3461 htangus@itstriangle.com

Welcome to Hilltop Angus Ranch

Our Spring Sale will be held April 9th, 2024
Location:  Old Edwards sale barn, 3 miles south of Denton.

Hilltop Angus Ranch

Located 15 miles north of Denton, MT on the Everson bench. 
The property encompasses rolling hills with rich fertile farm ground.

Currently owned by Gary Poser and his son, Cory Poser,
the ranch is just short of 3 miles from the Coffee Creek breaks.